Vacation 2000, Crater Lake

Panning from left to right across the view from the north rim of Crater Lake. The volcanic cone in the water is Wizard Island.
Crystal-clear water rewards a long, dusty climb into the crater.
The tiny house is used for tracking the level of the lake. It reminded me of images in the computer game Riven. People are diving off a rock on the right. Climbing back out of the crater.
View from the summit of Mount Scott, the highest point around the crater rim. Mount Scott's ridgeline. Crater Lake is off-camera to the right.
More views from the summit. Snow persists, even in late August. Mount Scott. The fire lookout house at the highest point gives a sense of scale.
Snow seen earlier from the summit. Near Crater Lake, the Rogue River intersects with some lava tubes. This tube is blocked partway in.
The river flows underground through another tube, below these rocks. Water goes in here, at the bottom edge of the picture...
...and it comes out here, in the center of the picture.