Vacation 2000, Lava Beds National Monument

Access road to Lava Beds National Monument. Entrance to Valentine Cave, a lava tube.
Stepping into the cave. Terrain surrounding the cave.
Deeper into the cave, armed with two flashlights kindly provided by the visitor center. Long exposure, no flash.
Still deeper into the cave. It's an inhospitable and spooky place, with floors and walls that look smooth but are actually rough and sharp. The air is cold. After fifteen minutes of careful spelunking, the ceiling got too low for me to stand upright.
Heading back out. The space between the two sources of daylight is a wide pillar at the entrance. Looking back into the cave one last time.
Lots of lizards on the hike to the top of Schonchin Butte. Later I learned that "butte" is pronounced like the first syllable of "beauty".
The camera lens is about 6 inches away from the lizard, which unfortunately is closer than the camera can focus. Strange rock formation from the fire lookout at the top of the butte, using maximum optical (3x) and digital (1.88x) magnification.
Same formation, optical-only magnification. Same formation, no magnification. It was easily visible with the naked eye, but it's hard to see in this picture.
Crater at the top of the butte. Stairs constructed of red volcanic rock.
Opposite side of the crater from the fire lookout. The butte from the ground, with my rented Kia Sportage for scale.
The lava beds that are the Monument's namesake. The butte near the center is probably Schonchin Butte.
The strange rock formation I saw from the top of Schonchin Butte.