Vacation 2000, giant redwoods

A very large elk, photographed from a safe vantage point behind a pickup truck in one of the state redwood parks along the northern California coast.
Giant redwoods. Late afternoon sunshine through the trees.
I turned a corner in the trail and surprised another elk. It was lying down when we met, but it stood up while I was steadying my camera against the tree at the left of the picture. The elk was about 8 feet away.
A closer view, courtesy of the optical zoom. The trees are huge. I pressed my sneaker (size 10 1/2) into service to give a sense of scale.
Later I saw trees as big at the base as this one without the upward taper, but I was in too much of a hurry to take more snapshots. I thought my 4-mile hike would get me back to my car shortly before the park gates locked, but I had read the map incorrectly, and my route was actually about 8 miles.
I ran to the coast, where I stopped to catch my breath and take a few more pictures. The trail from here leads southward between the redwood forest and the Pacific Ocean.
A strip of grassland separates the forest from the ocean. Looking north at a strange rock formation.
More grassland. Waterfall over a cliff that marks much of the border between forest and grassland.
Self-portrait. The sun is almost setting behind me. A few minutes' walk farther south. Northward view along the trail I've taken.
Southward view. Golden Gate Bridge, after a long late-night drive from the redwood forest. Crossing the bridge in my trusty Kia.